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 Day COLLECTOR'S 7" VINYL BOXSET Click for larger image


Green Day
Green Day Singles Vinyl Boxset

42 of your favorite Green Day songs pressed on twenty one 7" vinyl records!

Get the ultimate fan collector's piece featuring 'Going to Pasalacqua', '2000 Light Years', '86' and 'JAR 'and nine number 1 hits including 'Longview', 'Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)' and 'American Idiot'.

The Green Day Ultimate Collector's Singles Box Set is an uber limited edition of 2,500 copies, superbly presented in a sealed embossed/spot-lacquered deluxe box, with bonus poster!

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114,99 €

1-A1 Going To Pasalacqua

1-A2 Road To Acceptance

1-B Disappearing Boy

2-A1 Paper Lanterns

2-A2 Why Do You Want Him?

2-B1 409 In Your Coffemaker

2-B2 Knowledge

3-A1 1000 Hours

3-A2 Dry Ice

3-B1 Only Of You

3-B2 The One I Want

4-A1 2000 Light Years Away

4-A2 Welcome To Paradise (Different Version From Dookie)

4-B1 Who Wrote Haulden Caulfield

4-B2 Welcome To Paradise (Live From Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg, Florida - 3/11/94)

5-A1 Christie Road

5-A2 One Of My Lies

5-B1 One For The Razorbacks

5-B2 One Of My Lies (Live From Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg, Florida - 3/11/94)

6-A1 Sweet Children

6-A2 Best Thing In Town

6-B1 Strangeland

6-B2 My Generation

7-A1 Longview

7-A2 Welcome To Paradise

7-B1 Coming Clean

7-B2 Chump (Live From Japanese Box Set)

8-A1 Basket Case

8-A2 When I Come Around

8-B1 Having A Blast

8-B2 When I Come Around (Live From Sweden - From Japanese Box Set)

9-A1 Geek Stink Breath

9-A2 Stuck With Me

9-B 86

10-A1 Brain Stew / Jaded

10-A2 Walking Contradiction

10-B1 Brain Stew / Jaded (From Shalle, Prague 3/26/9?)

10-B2 No Pride

11-A J.A.R. (Angus Soundtrack)

11-B Emenius Sleepus

12-A1 Hitchin´A Ride

12-A2 Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

12-B1 Scattered

12-B2 Uptight

13-A1 Redundant

13-A2 Nice Guys Finish Last

13-A3 Prosthetic Head

13-B Nice Guys Finish Last (Live From Electric Factory)

14-A1 Minority

14-A2 Warning

14-B1 Hold On

14-B2 Outsider (From Warning UK Maxi Single)

15-A1 Waiting

15-A2 Macy's Day Parade

15-B1 Fashion Vicitim

15-B2 Castaway

16-A1 Desensitized

16-A2 Do Da Da

16-B1 Scumbag

16-B2 Suffocate

17-A1 Joe Robot

17-A2 Money Money 2020

17-B Roshambo

18-A1 American Idiot

18-A2 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

18-B1 She's A Rebel

18-B2 Shoplifter (Non LP-Track Found On UK Maxi Single)

19-A1 Holiday

19-A2 Wake Me Up Before September Ends

19-B1 Letterbomb

19-B2 Governator (Non LP-Track Found On UK Maxi Single)

20-A Mother Mary

20-B She's A Saint Not A Celebrity

21-A Know Your Enemy

21-B 21 Guns

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